Guess what! If you already find benefit in using a pool cover and want to enjoy a warm pool without the astronomical costs of electric heaters, solar pool covers are the next best thing.

They are an easy, low-cost and environmentally sustainable method of maintaining a heated pool. Solar pool covers differ from the average pool covers by transmitting the sun’s energy into the pool water while still protecting it. 

When you use a solar pool cover, you’re not only trapping the heat and preventing its evaporation, you’re also optimizing the converting power of the sun. And you can use the same pool cover over and over again, with top quality covers lasting 5-7 years!

It won’t be necessarily as powerful as an electric, gas or even solar heater system. However, it’s a viable option if you don’t want to fork out a huge upfront cost but still want to be as eco-friendly as possible. Most of the time, pools lose heat due to evaporation. Pools with a solar cover conserve water by 40 percent and increase warmth by about 10-15 degrees. All while creating a barrier from outer environmental particles like dust and debris. That’s a pretty good deal! 

Now what does it take to choose the best solar pool cover? Every solar pool covering operates similarly, so it’s just about finding the best option for your specific pool. Here are some details to consider: 

Pool Shape

Ultimately, you want your cover to resemble your pool shape as much as possible. And when in doubt, get a cover that’s a little larger. This will ensure it covers as much of the pool surface as possible. 

While you’re browsing and shopping, note that if a pool cover shape doesn’t match your exact pool shape, you can easily use multi-purpose scissors to trim it accordingly – even the quirkier shapes!


When it comes to a solar pool cover, the color does matter somewhat, along with your personal preferences. 

  • Clear Cover: Best for more light to get through to the pool, increasing the heat gain but may absorb less heat. Better for covering the pool during the day. 
  • Light Blue Cover: Does a good job with reflecting heat back into the pool and this is the most pleasant looking color.  
  • Dark Blue Cover: Better for absorbing heat and covering the pool at night. 

Basically, clear covers are more ideal for heat gain, but dark blue is better for heat retention. 

Cover Thickness

When it comes to deciding on solar pool covers, the thickness is the best way to determine the quality. Most solar pool covers come in a thickness of 8 mils (one-thousandth of an inch), 12 mils or 16 mils. 

Generally, the thicker the better because this means it will absorb and trap more heat – which is what you ultimately want! A thicker pool cover will also be stronger against chemicals, tears and intense UV rays. 

Good Reviews

You can get a pretty good idea of a solar pool cover quality and durability based on how strong and recent the reviews are. 

Now let’s get shopping!

Top 6 Solar Pool Covers

# 1
10' Solar Pool Cover

Enjoy an extended swimming season, as well as the added benefit of evaporation prevention, with an Intex 10′ Solar Pool Cover. Specifically made for use with round pools (10′ diameter) the Intex solar cover features pre-cut holes for breathability on top of the water. A reusable carry bag (included) adds easy storage options, whenever it’s not in use.

Opt for a more economical heating option when warming up your pool, by utilizing the power of the sun. As an affordable, lightweight solar pool cover, this product warms up water by sitting directly on top of your pool’s water in order to trap solar power. Intex’s Solar Pool Cover measures 14.5”x13.9”x7.8” (when folded), and weighs under 2 pounds.

# 2
Usuming Solar Cover for 8/10/12/15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools Round Pool Cover Protector Foot Above Ground Blue Protection Swimming (12ft)

Extend your overall swimming season, by opening earlier and staying open later, with a vinyl, solar powered pool cover. Usaming’s Solar Power Cover does just that, for above-ground pools measuring 12′ in diameter. Save money by avoiding water, and pool chemical evaporation, while also preventing excess maintenance from falling leaves and debris.

Made from blue vinyl, this cover weighs 2.87 pounds, and features drain holes in order to avoid accumulation of water. As it floats upon the surface of the water, it traps the sun’s heat, and maintains a more consistent temperature. Save money, while enjoying a longer swimming season, with a solar pool cover from Usaming.

# 3
Round Solar Pool Cover, 8/10/12ft Diameter Easy Pool Cover Set for Frame Pools Inflatable Swimming Pool Cover Fast Set Pool Cover (366cm)

A round solar powered pool cover, from Chen, ensures more consistent water temperatures, while preventing unwanted dirt, insects and leaves. Utilizing solar power, you can extend your pool season, while avoiding evaporation and an inflated electric bill. And, when your inflatable pool has been taken down, simply fold up the pool cover for easy storage.

For use with round, inflatable, above-ground pools measuring 8′, 10′ and 12′ in diameter, Chen’s solar cover provides protection while your pool is not in use. Made with high quality PE material, this solar pool cover measures 7.87”x5.91”x3.94” and weighs 2.48 pounds. By securing snugly over the top edges of your pool, you can rest assured it will stay in place throughout the day – regardless of the wind.

# 4
NEWDeevy Round Pool Cover Protector 8/10/12/15ft, Heating Blanket for In-Ground and Above-Ground Round Swimming Pools Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools Round Pool Cover (15ft)

Featuring thousands of tiny bubbles, in an attractive blue color, NEWDeevy’s round pool cover provides extended swimming seasons for a warm pool on chilly days. Each bubble works together in order to retain collected heat, both day and night, trapping the power of the sun. This protective solar cover saves money by lowering water and pool chemical evaporation, while also preventing leaves and debris from falling into your pool.

By floating upon the surface of the water, you can enjoy reduced maintenance time and warm pool water. Made for pools measuring 15′ in diameter, this heating blanket by NEWDeevy is ideal for in-ground and above-ground pools alike. Weighing a mere 2.87 pounds, this economical solar cover features drain holes for water accumulation prevention, and comes with a reusable carrying bag.

Sale # 5
FASESH Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool - Round Pool Cover for Easy Set and Frame Pools, Water Resistant Vinyl Swimming Pool Cover Protection Cloth Inground Pool Protector Dustproof Tarpaulin (15ft)

Protect your round pool from the accumulation of debris, dirt and leaves, with a FASESH Solar Cover for Above Ground Pools. Created to heat pools, with a 15′ diameter in mind, this vinyl pool cover will lengthen your swimming season by warming the overall water temperature. This dust, and rain proof design will resist water, and pool chemical evaporation, while also utilizing a natural heat source.

By using a “bubbles down” construction, heat is trapped on the underside of the cover, warming up your pool by the power of the sun. Your pool will be kept at a consistent temperature, allowing you to open your pool early, or keep it open later in the year. Save money and time with a Solar Pool Cover from FASESH.