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How is Solar Energy Converted into Electricity?

Solar panels and the conductors of solar energy is a sight that most people throughout the United States have gotten used to seeing. Over the last two decades, solar energy has evolved into a

What Can a 300 Watt Solar Panel Run?

Electricity is responsible for powering nearly every device and convenience in our lives. Whether you are charging your phone or turning on a light switch, electricity is responsible for making it happen. For most

How to Select a Solar Charge Controller?

Solar charge controllers are the most important line of defense between your solar panels and the batteries that make it possible for your solar panel system to work, even when there isn’t any sun. 

Do You Qualify for the Solar Tax Credit?

The ability to receive solar tax credit is one of the biggest reasons so many people opt for installing solar panels on their home or office. Of course, there are many other reasons that

Solar Rechargeable Batteries vs. Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries power nearly everything we use. From cell phones to cars, there are plenty of different uses for batteries. Many of these devices have a way to recharge batteries, which definitely helps the environment,

Liquid Solar Pool Cover vs. Solar Blanket

Liquid solar pool covers and solar blankets are two interesting methods of achieving and retaining warmth for your pool. One of the main reasons pools lose their warmth is through evaporation. (Remember, heat rises.)