With the advancement of solar energy products – flexible solar panels have emerged. Flexible solar panels are usually meant for boats, RVs, and unique roofs that are curved or too fragile to handle traditional, (firm) solar panels. 

They can be shaped to fit the surface they are installed on. True to their name, flexible solar panels can bend and go anywhere. Actually, this is a preferred method specifically for off-grid living – so campers and boaters – these are for you! They’re easier to use, lightweight and way more efficient. 

Financially, this is also a better option: flexible solar panels cost a fraction of what firm solar panels cost. While rigid solar panels start around the nine-thousand dollar mark for installation, you can buy individual flexible solar panels for a little over a hundred dollars. But be wary of getting flexible solar panels at a really cheap price, as you may encounter expensive issues down the line.

When trying to make your purchasing decision, you’ll want to think about the below factors: 

Type of Flexible Solar Panel: Thin-film versus Crystalline silicon 

  • Thin-film: This type is extremely flexible as they can be bent or rolled. They are convenient for portable applications and can fit on a variety of different materials, however they’re not as widely used.
  • Crystalline: This includes polycrystalline and monocrystalline. The individual wafers of silicon used are too thick to be flexible, but if they’re cut thin enough, a solar cell has the flexibility of about 30 degrees. This type isn’t as flexible as thin-film but still adheres well to curved surfaces such as an RV roof. 

Coating Material 

After type, coating or lamination is a significant factor when it comes to flexible solar panels. There is PET (a polyester plastic) and ETFE (a fluorine based polymer). ETFE seems to be a better choice. They are durable, have a higher lifespan and can withstand harsh weather conditions more than PET laminents. 

Weight and Flex Range

This factor will be heavily determined by your personal needs. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your surface area, how much weight it can hold and how far you need your panels to bend. 

Good Warranty 

As with most new expensive purchases, the warranty says a lot. Basically, if you come across flexible solar panels that have a 25-year power output warranty – you’re in good hands. 

Get ready to be cool and confident in your solar energy off-grid. With quality flexible solar panels, you’ll be able to power up your gadgets and gizmos while protecting the environment at the same time. Take a look through our product round-up below!

Top Flexible Solar Panels

# 1
Winnewsun Flexible Solar Panel Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel 100W New Generation High Efficiency Solar Panel New Technology Solar Panel
16 Reviews
Winnewsun Flexible Solar Panel Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel 100W New Generation High Efficiency Solar Panel New Technology Solar Panel

Winnewsun’s Flexible Solar Panel offers 100W of high efficiency power, harnessing the rays of the sun. Featuring unique technology, with a bifacial solar panel, you can utilize both sides of the solar module to create power. With decent flexibility, you can utilize this twin panel for a variety of applications for on-the-go power.

Don’t risk a dead battery again, with a double-sided, flexible solar panel. Explore with confidence, while hiking or traveling in your camper, or RV. Measuring 34”x26.7”x1.5”, and weighing 5.99 pounds, the Winnewsun Flexible Solar Panel is ideal for use on boats or as part of a solar power system kit.

Sale # 2
RICH SOLAR 100 Watt 12 Volt Extremely ETFE Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel Ultra Lightweight

Utilize the top of your camper or boat, with a flexible solar panel from RICH SOLAR. For reliable power on the go, harness the power of the sun regardless of your location. Uneven surfaces are no longer a problem. Capable of bending up to 30 degrees, this lightweight, flexible solar panel is great for use on boats, tents, RVs and even huts.

Featuring fire, tear and corrosion resistant materials, this self-cleaning solar panel is also waterproof for a lengthened lifespan. Ideal for charging 12V lithium batteries, as well as other equipment, this flexible panel utilizes advanced ETFE lamination. Measuring 24”x27.2”x0.11”, and weighing 3.3 pounds, the RICH SOLAR 50W solar panel is covered by a 25-year limited output warranty.

# 3
Renogy 50 Watt 12 Volt Extremely Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel - Ultra Lightweight, Ultra Thin, Up to 248 Degree Arc, for RV, Boats, Roofs, Uneven Surfaces

The Renogy 50W solar panel is an extremely flexible option for off-grid applications, such as campers, boats, and RVs. Featuring high quality , thin lamination, you’ll hardly notice this solar panel when it’s laid out flat. And, because it’s designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, it offers reliable access to power when your device battery goes dead.

This flexible solar panel measures 26.5”x20”x0.16”, and weighs 2.87 pounds for easy transport while traveling. Whether you are looking to create a smaller footprint at home, or need on-the-go power, the Renogy 50W Flexible Solar Panel provides a lot of solar power options.