How to Clean Solar Panels on Your Roof

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Keeping solar panels clean is always best because it ensures you are getting the most efficiency out of your solar panels.  If you are new to researching solar panels, cleaning your solar panels might be a new concept to you but it is imperative that they stay clear and clean at all times. The

How to Charge Solar Lights Without the Sun

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Solar is a great environmentally-friendly option for powering your solar camping lanterns, and outdoor (or indoor) solar lamps. But what about charging on cloudy days, or even other methods of charging these lamps in a pinch? You’ll be happy to know small solar lights can be charged in other ways than the sun! They

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

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Solar power is a huge industry that keeps growing and becoming more accessible to families and suburban neighborhoods. When shopping or exploring the idea of switching to solar, there is a wide range of questions you should be asking. But, one of the most important ones is, “How long will my solar battery last?” 

How Long Do Solar Panels Last

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Solar panels are incredibly powerful. Throughout the last two decades, solar power technology has blossomed from just a great idea and concept to an actionable plan that has yielded true results. There are over 250,000 Americans currently working in the solar market, with 40% of all 2019’s new electric capacity coming from solar.  Solar